Handmade Ceramic Pot/ Jar

Handmade Ceramic Pot/ Jar

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A medium size jar ideal for serving coffee and tea, or as a little plant pot for succulents.

  • Size approx. H 8cm x W 9cm
  • Dishwasher & food safe

All e.p.c. objects are hand-crafted, so no two pieces are alike. The imperfections and organic details are deliberate, helping make each piece unique. These photographs show the extent to which similar pieces can vary. Please bear this in mind when placing an order.


Emily Elizabeth Proctor

Emily Elizabeth Proctor’s hand-built ceramics are created in her Hoxton studio. She uses coarse stoneware and natural tones to make simple and imperfect shapes that emphasise rather than hide the handmade nature of the objects. Tool and finger marks are deliberately left behind and glazes applied irregularly to create simple, rustic-style wares.

Emily studied 3D design at art school in Bournemouth before working as a stylist and buyer for 10 years. Her work is almost exclusively made using ancient hand build methods in an attempt to reconnect with the past. The forms are designed to be simple and primitive allowing the texture and colour of the clays and glazes to speak for themselves.